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So much kid like fun on the way to my adult job!!!


So far I had great experiences with lime scooters, 👍

Finally The Future

I’ve been waiting 40+ years. So excited for this mode of transportation

Fun and quick

And easy to learn!

Real estate agent on the go!!

SO fun!!!


So fun! And fast!

Coolest thing ever

Had to drop my car off for service in the morning and decided to take a lime back to my house. Awesome summer night riding in the rain and total convenience ! Omg thing is I wish the bikes weren’t so heavy!!

Love it!

My first lime bike ride was in Dallas and I went by myself to see a few sites and I loved it! The next time I was with my other half in St Louis and we rode the bikes around the town and had so much fun! Today we are using the scooters and have had soooo much fun! We love Lime!

Love the scooter


Soulard Fun!

This was so much fun!! I highly recommend it!

Airport Bikes

Yay for Bikes at Terminals!!!

Sooooo much fun

Sooooooooo much funnnnn


First time riding!!!!! Omg smooth ride and pretty awesome !!!!! It was super fun !!!! Thanks Lime-S!! If you do upgrade , if possible make the base (feet) wider!!!! But outstanding

Yeee boi



A fun way to get around campus.

Fix the battery draining app please - the scooters are incredible

Stop draining my battery though I love the scooters -

Minimal success

I’m shooting 1-6 from the field with this app, scooters rarely work.


Very clean and smooth ride.

Limes for life

Best ride of my life Way better than calling a Uber

Needs to add 5$ wallet adding

I live using this but some of use don’t have much money and ten dollars is a bit much so it would be nice if you could add 5 dollars at a time

Lime E

I felt like Elliott. Changed my life!!

Great ride


Best 8 blocks ever!!!!

So easy so fun! Get it, do it!!!

First ride

It is sturdy. Hard to signal and turn though. It also needs a way to pay per minute Instead of 10.00 at a time. All in all it was fun. Probably not very safe though.

Fun way to reduce pollution

I can’t think of a more fun way to reduce air pollution and see the neighborhood. Well done Lime!


10/10 would scoot again



Easy and fun!!!

We are 63 and 65. We loved it.

Great Customer Service

My kiddo accidentally added money to our account. I emailed Customer service. The money was refunded within 10 minutes. My husband and I are so impressed with that level of service and attention. Thank you.

Loved it so much I needed....

A Longer battery

Cool but wear a helmet

Fast. Be careful.

I love it

This is amazing should be everywhere !!


Wish you could ride more than one with one phone




Great family fun!!!



Fantastic idea!!

Love this and it was so awesome to get on and go!!! Keep up the good work!


I loved it!!! It was Awesome!!


Soooo much fun!!! Can’t wait to come back!

Cruzing St. Paul

This was the best ride! I have been hunting for these and when I found it!! Riding next to the river seeing the stadium! Best way to spend a Sunday and man was it cheap!

Kind of useless

Tried to use the app and it would only tell me that my phone is already registered over and over.

Every city needs this

In Austin for the weekend and saw these things motoring around. Laughed, then signed up and had a ball. What a great idea and unlike so many other things we have in life this worked as it was supposed to was easy and just made us smile. Fun. Cool. Easy. Reasonable. Just awesome. Bring them to Tampa!

Game changer!

Perfect for Just about any situation I can imagine.

Not charged

We’re riding as a pair, hers worked mine didn’t. Took up her time trying to report mine

So stupid!!!

So much fun

Too fun


Lime e-assist bike is simple superb.

Lime e-assist bike is simple superb.

Too much fun!

Like being a kid again!

So much fun

Most electrifying experience so fun with friends

from Houston

SUPER AWESOMEEE!!! Will use every time I come back!!!!! LOVED IT

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