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This is a great way to get around the city!! So fun!!

Fun fun and more fun

I’m 62 and haven’t had this much fun since I got my first bike as a kid. These scooters rock!!!

Great when you get one that’s not dead

Finally got to ride a scooter after finding my 4th one. The first 3 were dead. Once I found it though the ride was great!

Oh wow!

Different!! Speed no lie! Be safe

Too much to maintain?

9/10 are under maintenance half the time tho. I have 10 on my block and they never work.

My ride

A lot of fun and great way to get home wen no parking available

love it this

First time ride, i love it

Test your software before dumping scooters in cities. Work with local communities to make it happen

This is an untested, unthought through app. There is no way for one user to activate another’s scooter. What if I kids or I want to pay for someone else’s ride? This problem is identified on the FAQ but WHY WASNT THIS THOUGHT THROUGH INITIALLY????? When the product was RELEASE?! The scooters have been here for months. why hasn’t it been solved? what happens when someone’s phone dies? why would you keep charging someone or worse, risk a scooter being stolen by another person because YOU DIDNT THINK THROUGH THAT SCENARIO. Also, why weren’t city and local governments included in your decision to litter our city with scooters?! Very unfortunate and frustrating experience. Also, my scooter clocked 20 mph. Not the 15 that was promisedr. I really hope there is more thought put into something that effects so many people. It’s frustrating that factors like other pedestrians, motorists, stoplights, the inability to monitor and regulate drivers as they barrel down sidewalks and risk the lives of others, drunk or incompetent drivers, etc, are not consider. This puts people at risk and you’re really just asking for a law suit. All things that weren’t thought through and if they were, weren't given the proper attention they deserve. I hope more consideration is given the future.

Parking issue

First time rider. I wasn’t sure where I could park and how to leave it. Don’t want a fine. Otherwise. Love it!

Like my green bike

Don’t much like being charged 40 bucks because of a glitch in turn off mechanism .

Fast and eco friendly

Awesome experience

Bad scooter

Scooter was pausing

My first ride

It was a little shaky but enjoy it very much

Lime-E Bike - Like a hot knife through butter!

Running late for the boys ultimate game so I downloaded Lime app and rocked my first Lime e-ride and it was great. Look forward to the next trip!

Best way to see a city

Understand, this could/can be dangerous. However, if you’re savvy, this can be a great way to see and move around a city cheaply and efficiently. Safe travels!


Had a blast but there would be no harm in adding a turbo charger

Restricted areas

Lime has aggressively expanded the restricted area section. They fine users for riding or parking in a restricted area. However they still allow users to unlock scooters in restricted areas and park scooters in restrict areas. This clearly shows that lime is truly not interested in reducing the amount of scooters in a restricted area. What lime is doing is they’re trying to please the private property owners who are requesting a restricted area, while trying to charge fines and make money off of the users they still allow to ride, park, and unlock scooters in restricted areas. If lime was actually interested in reducing the traffic in restricted areas they would not let people park in the restricted areas and they would not let scooters that are parked in restricted area be unlocked until they are removed by a lime employee to a non-restricted area.

Always good when the bike actually works

No technical difficulties. Makes for a nice ride when selected bike is located and operating as expected!


Don’t let them chase you out!!!



Best experience seeing Paris!

I tried out one of the scooters , since I saw everyone enjoying them, so I jumped on! Awesome, so much better than walking!

Great fun!!!

A great way to see Paris and easy to ride. Would do again.

First Ride

Wanted some coffee, so, I hopped on a Lime back and rode to Starbucks. It was a breeze

Scooting in Lisboa

First time on a scooter. So fun and convient.

Scooter life!

Best day ever!!



The best idea

Esta súper cool 👌🏻

Scooters always broken

This is a terrible service. The equipment is always broken and they make it difficult to get refunds.

Loved it!


Santa Ana California

Bring them to Santa Ana California pleaseee

Fun for 2 minutes - until it stopped working

Lime and Bird just appeared in our town. While out on a walk I saw a Lime scooter on the sidewalk and decided to try it for a half mile ride back home. Getting started with the app was easy (except they try to trick you into depositing $10 of $20 into the Lime app “wallet”). Riding back home was fun, until I went over a small bump and the scooter controls stopped responding. I had to scoot the rest of the way home the old fashioned, unmotorized way. No easy way to contact Lime, no replies to my email.

Lovin’ the Lime!

Had a wonderful experience on my Lime bike on Alki Beach waterfront. The bike sign up easy. The bike ran smoothly and fast! I love that I can pick one up on almost any corner and cruise to my destination. Thank you Lime Bikes! ❤️


Easy and amazing idea


Nice and fast, fun to ride.

Fun but....

Not sure why they require deposit on funds from a credit card as opposed to charging the exact amount of the ride fee like Bird does

Scooter gang

I did I love the scooter it was so much fun but the thing is is that they ran out of batteries on me and I thought that it was going to keep on charging me but it wasn’t but other than that it was really fun thank you

Past to future

Brought past to future


Great! Easy to use!


No problems really, great service


Helmets should be included! Please and thank you!

Love these

I have road in a lot of cities love ! Thank you Nashville I am from Arizona was a blast


It is extra fast and extra fun

Half of the scooters on this app are broken

I have walked to go get scooters and find them in 2 pieces. The last scooter I tried to ride I activated it then it wouldn’t start and I was still charged for a scooter that didn’t work. There have been a few other times where the scooter would max out at 10 mph when there supposed to go 17.


I ordered the battery charging chargers for the lime juicer job and unfortunately my iPhone 7 lime app does not have the little person icon on the top left corner. Because of that I am not able to work as a lime juicer because I can login and I already ordered the battery chargers. To this point I still need to figure out why the person icon on the top left corner does not show up on my display. My phone OK and there’s nothing wrong with it it’s just the app. The lime the Lime app needs to email me back and let me know what is the problem soon. That is my review

Too much fun!!!

This is THE way around Denver.

Easy. Quick to set up. Fun.

See title of post. It’s that simple. Wow!


Cool and fun service but before it starts to charge you, its should make sure you area actually using or are near a scooter or bike. My little brother somehow got on my phone and typed in a number that was a bike no where near us because we live in the country. And it needs to be easier to end the ride on your phone there is not clear “end ride” button.

Shoreline Blvd.

Sunny Breezy Perfection

The most amazing 4 hours in Paris

Saw everything with this scooter, amazing!!!

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