LimeBike - Your Ride Anytime App Reviews

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Overall good

Seems more powerful than Bird and the app is less clunky. All-around good however the break disengaged and the scooter shut off on its own while I was going downhill on my very first ride so that’s not good plus they never responded to me when I told them about it.

Wow impresionante

Muy buen trabajo

Great experience!

Thought i’d give it a try. Liked the pricing schedule - $1 per 30 mins. Very simple. And dropping the bike off at public bike stations couldn’t be easier. Smartly done!

Fun AF

Fun af!

I like it

I enjoy the lime scooter. It goes super fast. It will take you to places right before u know it. You should try this cuz it’s 🔥

Killer app, killer way to travel.


Lime time fun time

I liked that u don’t have too work ur legs and you only have too push a few times so this is why I rated this good 👍🏻


Absolutely amazing app, amazing service. So easy to use, rarely any problems (except not being able to find a fully charged one for long rides 😂) and overall amazing for anyone looking to move quick around the city. Good for tourists and locals!! Absolutely great.


Lime scooters are placed along Oakland’s Lake Merritt sidewalks which is dangerous for pedestrians - especially given all of the elderly, pregnant and families that walk the lake. These scooters should not be encouraged or allowed on sidewalks. The company also needs to be sure cities have the infrastructure (regularly paved roads etc) to have scooters because they are dangerous if not. It’s easy to hit a pothole and hurt yourself plus there aren’t helmets & the max speed is quite fast.


Mind blowing. I was a real sceptic. BUT, I tried it for the first time, and it was awesome! Now I’m going to hop on one just travel a few blocks. Not sure what it will cost, but who cares. It’s so fun. Oh, the ringing feature was super helpful.

Excellent ride

I really have fun.....great experience

Lime bike

Honestly, my train was running late. The bike was just there. It took less time to set up the bike compared to wring the review. And it was a nice bit activity before bed, getting home by 9:30 opposed to 10:00


Save your money. I added money to my account to rent the scooters that are popping up all over the city. Unfortunately it’s close to impossible to find one that’s working. The other issue is if your in a group of people you won’t find two within a mile of each other so it makes it challenging for your group to ride together if you can find a working scooter. Maybe you should try a docking system with different stations throughout the city like other normal cities and this would allow you to go to one location vs walking around the City just to find the scooter you think your going to after out of service.

First Line through Oakland

That great And it got me to my movie on time at the Piedmont theater

I injoyed the ride ❤️

Good job

Great fun!

My experience was very enjoyable.


Awesome, such as a fantastic experience , THANK YOU 👍💚👌🙏😍🇺🇸

LoopIn Tahoe!

Easy way to get a quick ride on when you leave your bike at home!

Opportunity missed

Great opportunity to use this service throughout large urban park with many attractions. App wouldn’t send code to my phone. Not a Facebook user.

Great app

I recommend to anyone it’s worth it.

Convenient when it works

Are you guys ever going to fix the bikes or are you just going to leave them there and pretend reporting them does anything?


These scooters were super cool to ride around going pretty fast. I just tried this out in Tahoe, and I want them to bring these to Santa Cruz and Mountain View so I can ride them around where I live.


Nice bikes, good time!

Great app !!

Ok so when we arrived in Santa Monica we saw all the scooters and I immediately wanted to ride it! So the first night we were there there 4 scooters perfect! We thought that but since there was no wifi it downloaded really slowly but on the other hand we got on it and I have to tell you it is really fast now my son really wants to ride it everyday!


So fun!

This is the future


Bike frequently does not unlock and charges you for ride

Bike frequently won’t unlock but still starts the ride and charges you. I’ve had this happen 3 times with 7 total rides. It’s a great service but when it doesn’t work you have to walk. Get ready

Why didn’t someone think of this before?

Great idea!


It was broke

Lime Scooter the bomb

So much fun. Felt like a kid again!!


This is awesome 😍😍🙌🏻

Most of the Lime Scooters were dead.

We had to take ours from a transient who refused to let me ride it. Other than that it was a sweet ride!

Need more of these in town!

Rode it for an hour down thru the park and all over the area with my husband!!!!! Best....time....ever!!!!

Too hard to find a bike which works

I scanned almost 15 bikes and finally I found a good one.

Easy breezy

Made it easy to move around without losing my parking space. So far so good.

$10 minimum balance?

Not going to add $10 to this account in order to ride once... Lower that and I will gladly come back. Lime Bike definitely has the best bikes, but not paying that much.

Me and my son

Loved it me and my son had a blast on fathers day


Loved it


None of them worked wouldn’t scan or said down for maintenance tried at least 10 of them

Wonderful ride

Easy anywhere pick up and drop off bicycle ride👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


The throttle needs some work, but great service!


Loved it

Family trip

We stop by to take pictures and find this bikes , this make my day

Beware of the Selfish Scooter Hogs

Ran into a group of selfish Millennials who took their 4 scooters into the Shake Shack patio, had them locked (ie., not paying for them), and wouldn't relinquish them. Scooter hogs are going to be a real problem for both LimeS and Bird, as it makes me not want to even bother looking for one.


These scooters are so ugly they’re an eyesore on the city.

Awesome Idea

Love it!


Uauuuu nota 10... nice.

First time!

Don’t do it drunk, you will still get a DUI.

Promotion Pics Without Helmet so bad !!!

How can you promote scooter and bike ride without helmet ? Very irresponsible !

This app is amazing!


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